23rd Avenue, in the Richmond, is an important part of the Slow Streets network, providing a safe area for outdoor recreation during covid, and a safe transportation corridor for pedestrians and cyclists between the Lake Street slow street, Golden Gate Park, and the commercial corridors along Geary and Clement. Like other Slow Streets, this street is closed to through traffic - you may drive no more than one block to reach a destination on that block. Pedestrians, children playing, runners, bikers, and other non-motorized use of the space is encouraged. But we need your help to keep it that way!

Ways you can help:

1. Unfortunately, someone has been vandalizing and removing the barrier at 23rd and Geary. This obviously creates a major safety hazard, as cars then don't realize it's a slow street with pedestrians on it. Please look out for your neighbors and put the cones back if you see they've been thrown to the side!

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