Car-Free JFK

Getting to the Skystar Wheel

Update - There is now a low-car path that reaches the entire length of the park, connecting to The Great Walkway!

But as cars return to the music concourse, we are reminded that we still have a long way to go. More information can be found here:

Purple = no cars, orange = "slow street" shared with cars, green = normal traffic

Recognizing the need for space for people of all ages to safely enjoy our parks, in the past a portion of JFK in Golden Gate Park has been closed for a portion of the weekend.

In these difficult times, JFK has been closed to cars 24/7, due to the need for safe outdoor spaces for people to maintain their health through exercise, fresh air and sunlight. This came after a campaign by safe transportation advocates and other community members. However, as life returns to normal, the need to keep the park safe for the community and for visitors will remain.  Keeping this road reserved for the use of pedestrians and cyclists will allow everyone to enjoy our park, especially children and others who are especially vulnerable to fast-moving traffic.

Furthermore, there is a need for space to walk and bike safely the entire length of the park, with cars often coming into conflict with pedestrians and bikes on the western half of the park. As shown in the map above (click to expand), reserving one lane of JFK for bikes and pedestrians would greatly improve safety.

More information on this initiative can be found here: